PRE-ORDER Sterling Silver Zodiac Medallion with Moonstone

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Behold our new Zodiac sign Sterling Silver Medallion with Rainbow Moonstone Tear Drop!

Each medallion comes in high quality Sterling Silver 18 inch chain. Each medallion also contains zodiac trait on the other side. 

♈️Aries - Courageous 

♉️Taurus - Trustworthy

♋️Cancer - Imaginative 

♊️Gemini - Intelligent

♌️Leo - Generous 

♍️Virgo - Practical 

♎️Libra - Charming

♏️Scorpio - Passionate 

♐️Sagittarius - Optimistic 

♑️Capricorn - Ambitious 

♒️Aquarius - Friendly

♓️Pisces - Intuitive

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