Intuition: Mini Class Series

Intuition: Mini Class Series

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Intuition: Mini Class Series

June 19th at 10am PST / 1pm EST

This class will include 1 hour mini classes in Pendulum, Automatic Writing and Aura Reading.

In Pendulum, you will learn to use a pendulum to ask simple yes and no questions. You will receive the answer by using your own intuition.

*you have the option to add a pendulum with this class for an additional $15 shipping included.

In Automatic Writing, you will learn to tap into your third eye to receive messages that you can write down. You will be writing with your eyes closed and then spending some time deciphering your messages.

In Aura Reading, you will learn to read other people’s aura by the color they are emitting. Then be able to tell that person you are reading a little about why their aura is that color.

I know you will enjoy these mini classes and because they will help connect you and guide you to trust your intuition.

Further instructions will be emailed once you have signed up.